Cloud Platform for Edge AI Development

DeLight™ is the world's first and only cloud platform that provides cloud access to edge AI hardware to accelerate application development. DeLight™ enables developers to prototype AI applications in the cloud, prior to setting up HW locally. Developers can access AI servers equipped with ORCA™, DeGirum's AI HW accelerator, that are hosted in the DeGirum® Cloud Device Farm. Once the application is developed in the cloud, they can purchase the required HW and deploy their applications at the edge by changing only one line in the code.

The DeGirum® Cloud Portal is the one stop for all resources related to the DeLight™ platform. Currently, access to the portal is by invitation only. To request access, visit the
Request Access Page.
The portal gives developers access to:

  • PySDK Documentation: installation instructions and comprehensive API documentation

  • Token Generation: GUI to generate tokens that allow access of machines in DeGirum® Cloud Device Farm

  • DeGirum® Labs: a pre-configured Jupyter Lab environment in the cloud to get started in under a minute

  • PySDK Examples: Jupyter notebooks illustrating the use of PySDK in various scenarios

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