Our Story

DeGirum Corp. was founded in 2017 by semiconductor industry veterans with deep expertise in DSP algorithms, machine learning and chip building to develop a truly flexible, powerful and easy-to-use AI acceleration platform to enable more capable and complex applications for the Edge. With a team of highly experienced ASIC designers, SW developers and Machine Learning scientists, we accomplished this goal with ORCA™, DeGirum's AI HW accelerator for the edge.


As we started working with AI solution providers, model developers, and system integrators, we realized that efficient HW coupled with easy-to-use software is not enough for integrating AI into applications. As application developers are exposed to a wide choice of AI accelerators, choosing the right HW has become the biggest challenge. With all HW vendors making similar claims on performance and ease-of-use, developers are left with the hard task of evaluating these various options. Standard benchmarks are not measured in the same way by different vendors and even for a given choice of HW, the numbers depend on the model and the host system. Each HW vendor supplying their own application SW stack adds more complexity to the problem.

The realization that HW evaluation is a time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating experience, has led us to the next part of our journey: the development of DeLight™, our cloud platform for edge AI development. We built the world's first and only cloud platform that provides instant access to our edge HW using simple APIs. Developers can prototype their applications in the cloud prior to setting up HW locally. Once the application is ready, they can buy the HW and deploy the application by changing just one line in the code. This "Try Now Buy Later" approach saves the AI solution providers time, money and valuable engineering resources. We are excited to see how our customers and partners bring exciting AI applications to the edge.

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